Mupo SP Single Cartridge Kit Ducati Hyperstrada 821 13-15

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Mupo SP Single Cartridge Kit

The Mupo SP Cartridge kit is a modification kit designed to transform o/e fitted front forks into high performace forks. Done simply by replacing the whole original cartridge with our Cartridge SP, fitted with a larger piston and progressive system, altogether guaranteeing more precision and better performance.

This kind of cartridge is specifically studied for the motorcycle where the hydraulic adjustment is only in one leg.

This kit provides only one cartridge that allows the rebound and spring preload adjustement.

Technical features:
The cartridge is 25 mm in diameter and made in Ergal coated and hard anodized
The piston rod is 12 mm in diameter and made in Ergal
The progressive system piston is 25 mm in diameter and complete with D.U. bushings
Guiding bush and floating piston rod
SAE 5 Mupo racing oil
Spring in chrome-silicon steel with Ergal guiding spring Fork, top cap, with spring preload on bearings
Adjustment features:
Rebound 40 positions
Manual spring preload 30 positions (15 mm)

Mupo Suspension is set to Customer specifications at the factory and Dyno tested for Performance Accuracy in·Riders operating range before shipping! A print out of the Dyno test results is included with the completed suspension.


Please note that Mupo Builds Suspension for Lemick Racing on a per order basis and is entirely Custom Spec so expect 1-2 weeks for delivery. For Racers needing a expedited order contact us prior to ordering so we can make arrangements. Please specify Rider weight, Tires, Riding type and Rider Skill Level when ordering.

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